working @home @work by rsync


I have hard times. My work taking almost all my time. I'm free at eight o'clock, and should goto bed before midnight. I have a little time. What I need is a fast reliable mechanism to ensure I'm working on the same copy with my work computer and here at home.

Sync should be fast, when I came, I should issue a command and all my work should appear on my computer. Also I have svn system that I will open open access but my private stuff shouldnt go there. Thus I need a seperate process.

at home I rsync files there is huge exclude list,
the script I'm using to sync with live server is

cd ~/www
rsync -e ssh --delete-excluded --exclude=/sites/*/cache/ --exclude=/sites/*/files/ --exclude=*.zip --exclude=/ext/jqueryUI --exclude=/sites/matheiu/ -av nerkl_dreamhost/

and I send svn server using
svn ci -m ""
there is some logic needed to complete whole process smoothly.


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