firefox slowness implementing old ie bug wpad

I dont know when it started but my firefox began to slow down at first connect. I click then wait like some thing behind checking for something. I was curious about auto malware detection imposed by firefox and devil google. I always close option. But the lag is continuing that I hate every time, its kind of time wasting.

In the end ı sniffed my own network and found the problem. Time of writing first waiting time decreased from 2~3 seconds to 200~300mili seconds.

Firefox implemented old Explorer Bug. That is WPAD. Quoting from "it works like this: When the browser starts, it issues a DNS address lookup for "" where "" is the domain name of the computer. Due to some Microsoft bug, some browsers look up "," which is my host. ". Well the bug implemented is different cause firefox tries to reach only wpad. No suffix no prefix. And while waiting the dns response from servers I also wait.

Workaround is simple.Add a record to /etc/hosts file to point nowhere or localhost. localhost wpad

Thanks open source you always invent some thing amusing.


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