Drupal is outdated

Open source is very best arguments in hand. You have access the code.
If there is a feature missing you can implement.
If there is something is not working you can hack the code to rewrite.
You can continuously upgrade the software.

But these are only theoretical.

You cant just hack the code if code is hundreds of thousands lines. It took much time for even to look at the code. For systems like drupal you need more than one active involment with the code to start hacking it.

You can miss a feature you've been using after an upgrade. I I had seen "play random song from my collection" removed. I could find missing songs from my collection, since digging for thousands of mp3 is hard. I didnt needed to find or search, amorak played it randomly. Like a radio station only having my collection.

In this blog, I had removed a distinct property. I think headquarters of programmers are under 15. They like to decide how people use, how they should use. Then decision given by them is a strict rule. There is no forum message they are asking for removal of a piece. It's a shame for opensource to continuue like that. Total rapture of freedom.

I'll soon publish my new content management system nerkl. I got issues related with containers and showing the page.


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    Türk SKi askeri


    Bakamadım sonuçlara. Korku değil, bilmeme isteği mi?
    Bakamadım siteye. Giremedim elim varmadı.
    Heyecan değil, kötü bişy mi ki?
    Sonuçta bilindik yerler var
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