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  • Jquery each with selectors -

    Jquery each with selectors

    I'm new at jquery. Once used mootools and infact prototype. I start using this pack because drupal uses.

  • YUV image manuplations -

    YUV image manuplations

    I've edited this file. I decomposed the YUV components. then make color components blur, mosaic, the worst stuiation that they could be. And converted back to RGB. There is no much distinction!

  • Groupping tableing data -

    Groupping tableing data

    It took around one hour to think and implement. Here is the think free code. I'll revive it with abstraction

    $i_total =0;
    /* other continents */

  • rsync server -

    rsync server

    if you'r new to rsync and you'r searching how to setup a server it is the right place.

  • Scaling -



    I'm writing just not to loose information I just gathered. You can scale display,
    I have 1600x1280 display in my work and I have 1200x768 on my lap.

    xrandr --output LVDS --scale 1.25x1.56

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