Git is hard


It's been a very long time that I'm with Linux.

It's user unfriendly, but I can't use any alternative namely windows or Mac. I got accustom to kde, or lxde is better anyway. But in the subject of git It is hard to use. It is hard to memorize commands, the english you use is beyond my english, concepts are not for me.

I just want to work with comfort.

Now look at he basic commit

# modified: inc/functionsBasic.php
# modified: inc/module.php
# modified: inc/settings/domains.file.php
# modified: inc/settings/sites.file.php
# modified: inc/siteBase.php
# modified: inc/system.php
# modified: index.php

What the fuck ı changed on them? Who kowns? Of course git should know but where the fucking command is? How will I remember that command.

ı used the much more puzzle called gitk, You could have 2 years of school edutation on it to be able to use it.


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